The overarching aim of our lab is to build a hybrid quantum architecture where nuclear spins, electron spins and photons each play a part that suits them best: nuclear spins are used for storage and core computational task, the electronic spin of NV centers serves as an interface between the nuclear spins and photons, and the photons are used for establishing truly long-distance links between remote registers. By exploiting this hybrid architecture, we address key challenges at the frontier of experimental quantum science.

This research is multidisciplinary, bringing together theory and experimental techniques from nuclear magnetic resonance, condensed-matter physics, single-molecule spectroscopy, quantum optics, fundamentals of quantum physics, and quantum information and communication.

More information on the research projects done in our group can be found by clicking on the images below.

Quantum control and decoherence of spins in solids Quantum registers and quantum networks Quantum optics with nanopositioned single emitters